Dr Richard FitzGerald

Dr Richard FitzGerald is the Director of the CRF and a Consultant Physician in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics / General Medicine at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He is a qualified first-in-human principal investigator as part of the CRF’s MHRA Phase I accreditation.

Richard has been involved in early phase clinical trials for over 10 years, including periods working in industry. He has been a director of the CRF since 2011 and has been principal investigator on many early phase and first-in-human studies (including patient cohorts and healthy volunteers) over the last five years. Richard has particular interests in the design and analysis of early phase trials in patient groups and the development of novel pharmacodynamic techniques to generate proof of principle in both healthy volunteers and patients.

Richard is also an honorary senior lecturer in the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine, where his major research interests include stratified therapies in cardiovascular disease, optimisation of anti-platelet therapy, adverse drug reactions and systematic reviews and meta-analyses.