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The Clinical Research Facility comprises highly specialised teams, each dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of care and professionalism. In addition to our own departments, the CRF also has access to Investigators within the hospital.

CRF Departments and our network of Investigators is presented in more detail below.

  • CRF Data Management

    CRF Data Management

    The CRF has two Senior Data Officers who perform data entry and QC, handle data queries, produce CRFs and source data documents and provide a point of contact for Sponsor Data Management and Monitors.

    The CRF has experience in various eCRFs such as RAVE, OpenClinica, iMedidata, Marvin, Datalabs, iMednet

  • CRF Laboratory

    CRF Laboratory

    The CRF has an on-site laboratory for sample processing, storage and shipment. The laboratory has the ability to centrifuge samples at room temperature or refrigerated. It has access to a top pan and analytical balance, pipettes, fume hood and isolator. In addition there are refrigerated, -20C and -80C storage, all with central temperature monitoring and alarm systems.

    More specialised laboratory procedures such as preparation of PBMCs or advanced sample processing are also available through our GCLP network within the Liverpool University.

  • CRF Nursing

    CRF Nursing

    The CRF has a highly trained and experienced team of nurses from a variety of specialised backgrounds including oncology, critical care, neurology & neurosurgery, cardiology and metabolic medicine. Our team can offer screening of potential participants, precise data and sample collection, 24 hour in-patient care, strict protocol adherence and implementation and assistance with study documentation.

    In addition, the CRF has access to specialist nurses for specific study types such as Dialysis, Respiratory and many others.

  • CRF Patient and Volunteer Recruitment

    CRF Patient and Volunteer Recruitment

    The CRF has a recruitment officer managing the rapid growth of the participant database (C4C), as well as staff working in the specialist clinics to expand the database of specific patient populations.

    When a clinical trial has been awarded, the Recruitment Steering Committee meets to begin the process of completing a Recruitment Plan which enables our relatively small team to focus on the most efficient method of recruitment for that particular population as well as developing any potential contingencies that may need activating.

  • University of Liverpool GCP Laboratories

    University of Liverpool GCP Laboratories

    The CRF has excellent links and works closely with the GCP Laboratories within the University of Liverpool. There are three GCP laboratories in the University:
    The APT GCP Facility specialise in pharmacodynamic analysis and focuses on antimicrobial pharmacology and the optimal use of antimicrobial agent for humans.
    The Bioanalytical Facility specialise in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analysis for a wide range of drugs for conditions including HIV, TB and malaria.
    The GCPLab specialises in sample processing and storage, including PBMC isolation, DNA extraction along with biomarker analyses such as ELISA, Luminex, immune monitoring, genotyping and flow cytometry.

  • Gastroenterology - Dr Sree Subramanian

    Gastroenterology - Dr Sree Subramanian

    Consultant Gastroenterologist and Principal Investigator

    Dr Subramanian has been working within the field of Gastroenterology since 2006. He specialises in Clinical Trials for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease.

  • Nephrology - Dr Asad Ullah

    Nephrology - Dr Asad Ullah

    Consultant Physician in Renal Clinical Pharmacology and Principal Investigator

    Dr. Asad Ullah is a consultant in Nephrology and general medicine as well as a permanent Principal Investigator employed by the CRF. He is an active member of the NIHR North West coast renal research team. During his specialist Nephrology training he developed an interest in renal pharmacology. He has been working in the CRF since 2013 and has conducted a variety of renal and other early phase drug trials as an investigator. His other areas of interest include patient/public involvement in research, patient recruitment in research and renal bone disease.

  • Respiratory - Dr Hassan Burhan

    Respiratory - Dr Hassan Burhan

    Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Principal Investigator

    Dr Burhan has developed and run a Difficult Asthma service and is the Lead Clinician for the Respiratory Enhanced Care Unit. His current research interest involves primary-secondary care liaison to reduce asthma morbidity and a study investigating the incidence and diagnosis of occult lung disease in illicit drug users.

    Dr Burhan is fully competent in fibreoptic bronchoscopy, thoracic ultrasound, pleural procedures, lung function testing and interpretation. Dr Burhan has worked on many clinical trials including as PI and CI.

    The CRF works very closely with Dr Burhan and his team with many of his Early Phase Trials taking place within the CRF where possible. The CRF also supports more acute Early Phase Respiratory Trials such as COPD exacerbations.

  • Respiratory - Dr Gareth Jones

    Respiratory - Dr Gareth Jones

    Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine and Investigator

    Dr Gareth Jones is a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and General internal Medicine at the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Trust. Gareth has been actively involved in Clinical trials for the last 5 years including taking time out to be a Respiratory Research Fellow during which time he was Principal Investigator on a major Cystic Fibrosis study. Gareth helps to run the tertiary Severe Asthma Service at the Royal Liverpool and is City-wide lead for Transition arrangements for young adults with asthma. Gareth also has an interest in the interplay between hormonal systems (particularly the diffuse endocrine system) and lung health. Alongside his clinical responsibilities he is completing his MD at the University of Liverpool.

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