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  • AME Oncology

    AME Oncology

    • Access to varying oncology patients such as solid tumours and lymphomas
    • CRU licenced for the handling of 14C samples
    • On-site scientist with expertise in Drug Metabolism
    • Radiopharmacy for the storage, dispensing and disposal of 14C IMP
    • GMP 14C API synthesis, Drug Product formulation and testing available through Arcinova located in the UK
    • GLP 14C radioanalysis and metabolite profiling available through Covance located in the UK
  • Archiving


    • Archive to store source data and CRFs on site for short term and audited external provision off site for long-term
    • Short term facility for sample storage
  • Cardiology


    • Heart Failure Clinical Trial Experience
    • Ischemic Heart Disease Clinical Trial Experience
    • Stroke Clinical Trial experience
    • Access to cardiorespiratory exercise testing
    • Access to transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography
    • Access to vascular ultrasound (incuding Doppler and endothelial function)
    • Access to platelet function testing
  • CNS


    • Experience in Epilepsy Clinical Trials
    • Access to schizophrenia patients
    • Access and experience in Multiple Sclerosis clinical trials
    • Excellent lumbar puncture experience including up to 72h continuous CSF
    • Access to gait analysis
    • Nuerodegenarative Diseases covered in more detail under separate heading
  • Data Management

    Data Management

    • The CRU has two Senior Data Officers who perform data entry and QC, handle data queries, produce CRFs and source data documents and provide a point of contact for Sponsor Data Management and Monitors
    • The CRU has experience in various eCRFs such as RAVE, OpenClinica, iMedidata, Marvin, Datalabs, iMednet
    • The CRU is also very experienced with the tight timelines required for dose escalation decisions and provides data entry and QC within 72 h
    • Database building and management can be sourced on your behalf via Liverpool University or Covance (or other vendor as appropriate)
  • Dermatology


    • Robust database of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients
    • CRU Physicians trained in PASI scoring
    • Expertise in skin biopsies
    • Experience in numerous dose routes including topical
  • Dose Escalation

    Dose Escalation

    • Dose escalation experience for SAD and MAD
    • 72h turnaround of data entry and QC
  • Dose Routes Utilised

    Dose Routes Utilised

    • Oral
    • Intravenous
    • Subcutaneous
    • Intramuscular
    • Intradermal
    • Topical
    • Ocular
    • Intrathecal
    • Inhaler
  • Ethics Submissions

    Ethics Submissions

    • Ability to submit to Ethics on behalf of the Sponsor
    • Access to numerous Ethics Committees across the UK
    • PI attends Ethics Meetings where it is felt appropriate
  • First In Man

    First In Man

    • Expertise in dose escalation and robust procedure for risk management
    • Clinical Pharmacologists as PIs to support starting dose decisions
    • MHRA accreditation to allow First in Man Studies of any level of risk
    • Ability to design flexible protocols to reduce need for substantial amendments and unnecessary delays
    • Ability to cohort patients where recruitment rates allow
  • Gastroenterology


    • Experience /access in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Access to hepatically impaired patients
    • Access to Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Ulcerative Colitis patients
    • Access to full endoscopy facilities including upper GI (gastroscopy, push enteroscopy), whole GI (capsule endoscopy) and lower GI (proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy)
    • Access to liver biopsy
  • Infectious Diseases

    Infectious Diseases

    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • HIV
    • Antimicrobial resistance (PK/PD) expertise
  • Laboratory


    • The CRU has an on-site laboratory for sample processing, storage and shipment. The laboratory has the ability to centrifuge samples at room temperature or refrigerated. It has access to a top pan and analytical balance, pipettes, fume hood and isolator. In addition there are refrigerated, -20C and -80C storage, all with central temperature monitoring and alarm systems.
    • More specialised laboratory procedures such as preparation of PBMCs or advanced sample processing are also available through our GCLP network within the Liverpool University.
  • Metabolic Medicine and Diabetes

    Metabolic Medicine and Diabetes

    • Access to Hypercholesterolaemia patients
    • Access to Type I/Type II Diabetes patients including those with complications such as retinopathy, leg ulcers, nephropathy
    • Experienced in Insulin Clamp techniques (euglycaemic and hyperglycaemic)
  • Monitoring


    • Can provide in-house monitoring capabilities or through our partners at Covance
    • Excellent facilities with high speed WiFi access and spacious rooms for visiting Monitors
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Neurodegenerative Diseases

    • Experience/Access with Alzheimers patients
    • Excellent lumbar puncture experience including up to 72h continuous CSF
    • Access to MRI inlcuding fMRI and PET/CT including utilsing flurbetapir
    • Experience/Access to cognitive raters
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    • Independent QA department within the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital Trust
    • Conduct audits of the CRU and Vendors
    • Host Sponsor or Regulatory audits
  • Pharmacokinetics


    • Access to Pharmacokineticists through the University or Covance
    • Expertise in PK/PD relationships for anti-microbrials
    • Population PK
  • Pharmacy


    • On site dedicated Clinical Trials Pharmacy
    • On site Radiopharmacy
  • Phase I

    Phase I

    •  Experience in Phase I Clinical Trials in patients, healthy volunteers and special populations
  • Products Handled

    Products Handled

    • Small molecule
    • Biologics including mAb, RNAi
    • Genetically modified advanced therapeutics
    • High risk drugs requiring EAG review
    • Cytotoxics
    • Radiolabelled compounds
    • Medical Devices
  • Protocol Writing

    Protocol Writing

    •  Can provide in-house protocol writing services for Phase I and FIM studies
  • Renal Impairment or Clinical Trials in Renal Patients

    Renal Impairment or Clinical Trials in Renal Patients

    • CRU PI is a nephrologist who spends a proportion of his time still practicing in renal clinics
    • Robust database of renal patients including mild, moderate, severe and patients on dialysis (peritoneal and haemodialysis)
    • Experience in collection of dialysate fluid
  • Recruitment


    • Dedicated Recruitment Manager
    • Consent4Consent allows access to patients medical records to allow prompt pre-screening
    • Access to robust healthy volunteer database
    • Robust databases already established for renal, dermatology and RA patients. Building new databases for IBD and UC
  • Regulatory Services

    Regulatory Services

    • Regulatory Services can be outsourced on your behalf
  • Respiratory Diseases

    Respiratory Diseases

    • Database of asthma and COPD patients of varying severities
    • Expertise in different drug delivery types including inhalers etc.
    • Spirometry access and expertise
    • Ability to perform bronchoscopies and bronchioalveolar lavage within the CRU
    • Additional cardio-respiratory investigations
    • Access to metacholine challenge
  • Report Writing

    Report Writing

    • Report Writing Services can be outsourced on your behalf
  • Statistics


    • Access to Dedicated Early Phase Statistician
    • Statistics Services can be outsourced on your behalf
  • Vaccine Trials

    Vaccine Trials

    • Experienced with high volume healthy volunteer vaccine trials
    • Robust database of healthy volunteers
    • Experience with Pneumococcal Challenge to test efficacy of Pneumonia vaccines

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