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Opened in 2009, providing state of the art purpose built facilities, embedded within the Royal Liverpool Hospital which also provides specialist equipment, 24 hour emergency coverage and access to ITU, the CRF offers a safe and regulated environment to perform clinical research trials to the highest possible standards.

With pooled expertise and resources from the neighboring University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, as well as a strategic alliance with one of the global leaders in early phase drug development (Covance), the CRF offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical trials.

In addition, with the rapidly expanding databases of volunteers in both healthy and patient populations the CRF is fully equipped to cover all aspects of performing clinical trials from phases I-IV.

All work undertaken in the CRF is underpinned by a strict risk management approval process aligned to policies and procedures which ensure that the quality of both care and research are to the highest standard possible. The CRF has maintained its reputation for excellence, achieving successful inspections according to UK Clinical Trials Legislation and EU Directives, as well as GCP inspections. In 2013 the CRF achieved MHRA supplementary Phase 1 accreditation and was successfully re-accredited in 2015.

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Why choose the CRF?

Our Facilities

In your search for sites that can run Early Phase Clinical Trials in patients, do you often find yourselves frustrated that the site has access to a patient population, but no overnight bed capacity; has patient access but no experience in the intricacies of clinical pharmacology studies?

Well your search is over. The Royal Liverpool Hospital Clinical Research Facility has the following facilities to deliver an excellent study for you:

  • Dedicated Principal Investigators who are experienced Clinical Pharmacologists
  • Dedicated team of scientists, physicians, nurses and laboratory staff
  • Access to a diverse patient population, healthy volunteers and special populations
  • 12 beds for overnight stays
  • Mortara telemetry system for cardiac safety monitoring
  • Laboratory for sample processing and local laboratories for lab safeties
  • Co-located storage facilities at -20C and -70C with central temperature monitoring
  • Clinical Trials Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy
  • Facilities for aseptic preparation of IMP as well as Advanced Therapeutics
  • Access to Specialist Hospital Services such as Nuclear Medicine, MRI, CT/PET, Ultrasound, Echo and many others

All equipment regularly maintained and accompanied by appropriate service and calibration documentation.


Our Services


  • Fully compliant with GCP

  • MHRA inspected & phase 1 accredited

  • Inspected by sponsors on a regular basis

  • Quality Control and independant Quality Assurance

Our Services

Access to Volunteers (C4C)

The CRF has a large validated database of volunteers, consisting of both healthy and patient populations. With direct links to t​he clinics within the hospital, and recruitment staff working within such clinics, these numbers are constantly growing. The database can be used to quickly extract metric and contact information of potential participants and to produce reports about the feasibility for potential trials.

Our Services

All You Need

As the CRF is embedded within the Royal Liverpool Hospital we also have access to facilities for a variety of other study procedures such as endoscopies, bronchoscopies, MRI scans, CT scans, biopsies, nuclear medicine, and various ophthalmology procedures.

The CRF is experienced in conducting high quality research in a variety of topic areas and is ideal to perform clinical trials from phase I to IV due to its:

  • ​State of the art purpose built facilities for up to 12 patients
  • Embedded within a large hospital providing direct access to 24 hour emergency coverage and ITU
  • MHRA Phase 1 Supplementary and Standard Accreditation
  • A strategic alliance with one of the global leaders in early phase drug development and a preferred partner for many companies in the biopharmaceutical industry (Covance)
  • Support from The University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • A rapidly expanding database of both healthy volunteer and patient populations (C4C)

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The Team

The CRF Team consists of 30 full time, permanent staff including Physicians, Nurses, Project Management, Clinical Research Assistants, Laboratory Technicians, Recruitment Specialists, Scientific Co-ordination, Data Specialists and Clerical Research Assistants.

The team is also supported by an excellent team within Research, Development and Innovation which incorporates a Business Team dealing with costings and contracts, as well as a Governance Team which supports us with Quality and Regulatory processes.

A few of the individuals within the team are detailed below but we are happy to provide you with similar information about any of the team that you are likely to encounter either as a Volunteer or a Sponsor.