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What is Patient and Public Involvement (PPIE) in Research?

  • Involvement – people who are involved in research projects and in research organisations.
  • Participation – people who take part in a research study.
  • Engagement – raising public awareness and interest in research and providing opportunities for the public to share their views.

We believe that the active involvement of the patients and the public in the research process leads to research that is more relevant to people and is more likely to be used. Research which reflects the needs and views of the patients and the public is more likely to produce results that can be used to improve practice in health and social. Members of the public bring perspectives and skills that are not always the same as those of researchers and health and social care professionals. Their involvement helps to ensure that the entire research process is focused on what is important to people and is therefore more relevant and acceptable to the users of services.

Patient and public representatives can provide researchers with vital life experience perspectives. If they or a member of their family have a certain condition which requires specific treatment, they will be able to advise what will be off-putting to patients and therefore, what may affect recruitment to a trial.

Patients and the public have a vital role in the research we support.

Participant Stories

Why Do People Get Involved in Research?

There are lots of reasons why people get involved in research whether it is as a participant taking part in a trial, or being part of a patient representative group.

Here are a number of quotes illustrating why people have got involved:

“Joining a PPIE Group gave me hope that things will change for future patients.”

“Research today could help prevent my children and grandchildren from developing Alzheimer’s in the future.”

“As a patient with a now life long illness being able to have some input in future research makes what I have gone through worth something.”

“Patient and public involvement (PPI) in research can potentially help researchers make sure that the design of their research is relevant, that it is participant friendly and ethically sound.” Heather Bagley et al. Research Involvement and Engagement (2016).”

“I can do my bit help to make research participant friendly and relevant. I would love to see more patient and public involvement in research! It really does make a world of difference.”



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Patient Research Ambassadors

  • What is a Patient Research Ambassador?


    What is a Patient Research Ambassador?

    A Patient Research Ambassador (PRA) is someone who promotes health research from a patient point of view. They could be a patient, service user, carer or lay person who is enthusiastic about health research and is willing to communicate that to other patients, the public, as well as other healthcare professionals.

  • Why Do We Need Patient Research Ambassadors?


    Why Do We Need Patient Research Ambassadors?

    As NHS researchers we recognise the importance of research in delivering health care and this is why we would like to involve patients. As a Patient Research Ambassador you can help to ensure that people using local NHS care have the best opportunities and choices about taking part in research studies.

  • How to Become a Patient Research Ambassador?


    How to Become a Patient Research Ambassador?

    If you are interested in becoming a PRA or for more information please contact us on


Get Involved

What Opportunities are There to Get Involved?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved as a patient or public representative including:

  • Participation in a clinical trial as a patient or healthy volunteer – Register
  • Become a member of the PPIE Group
  • Become a Patient Research Ambassador
  • Register your interest to support research promotion events
  • Register your interest to become involved in reviewing patient facing documentation

Contact Zalina Rashid-Gardner or Kate Dodd on 0151 706 4861 or at for more information.

Further Information

NIHR - PPIE Section

There are lots of places to learn more about PPIE and getting involved.

Information about the work being done around the NIHR PPIE network, news stories, opportunities and a lot more:

For more information about the NIHR Research Champion Programme please see:

Further Information

INVOLVE's New 'Learning for Involvement' Website

The site offers a range of functions:

  • you can search for learning resources – guidance, reports, toolkits, books, websites, videos, blogs, training etc
  • you can recommend resources that you have found useful – add them to the site so that others can benefit
  • you can search for training sessions – see what’s coming up in your area, or get inspiration about what training you might want to offer
  • you can add information about training sessions that you are arranging – let people know what you doing and inspire them to do something similar (or invite others to attend)
  • you can find information about training providers – experienced trainers who can help deliver training sessions on public involvement or associated areas

Further Information

UK Clinical Research Facilities (UKCRF)

Contains information about the work of the UKCRF and how they engage and collaborate with patients and members of the public.


PPIE & EDI Strategy 2022-2027

In collaboration with our patient contributors and partner organisations, we have published our patient and public involvement and engagement, and equality, diversity and inclusivity strategies for 2022-2027.