The CRU doses its first ever oncology patient in a Phase I AME trial.

After years of planning and preparation to provide the capabilities for AME Oncology Phase I Trials, the CRU dosed its first ever patient this month. In these Absorption, Metabolism and Excretion (AME) Trials we utilise a radioactive version of the new drug to track its fate within the body. We can tell the route it is excreted and what the body breaks it down into, which is critical information in new drug development and ensures that the drug can be prescribed safely. These trials are common in healthy volunteers but for new cancer drugs they have to be tested in cancer patients and are hugely complex with very few places in the world being able to provide these capabilities.

Dr. Richard FitzGerald, Director of the CRU states “This is a key milestone for the CRU and really demonstrates our growing maturity in early phase clinical trials. These are not easy studies to run but we were determined to offer this capability to Sponsors and of course to our patients”

Louise Markinson, Early Phase Trials Scientific Co-ordinator and local expert in AME trials states “This has been a huge achievement for the CRU. The teamwork within our unit has been outstanding and has demonstrated what can be achieved when we all work together. In addition the specialist input, hard work and willingness to be involved by many other Royal Liverpool Hospital departments, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, the Sponsor, Covance and not least the patient, has been an absolute joy to see.”